Erotic massage Lviv "Massageros"

The most erotic massage and the best prices in Lviv

Lviv, 5 Tadeusha Kostyushka St

Еротичний масаж львів ціни

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Еротичний масаж львів ціни

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A body massage is the perfect choice to relax your body and soul.

  • Relaxing full body massage
  • Body rub and bikini area
  • Tantra show "Body on Body".
  • Lingam massage
  • Relaxing shower with masseur

₴2000- 60 min

₴3000-90 min

₴3500- 120 min

From passion to relaxation - your massage in one touch.


The combination of touch and aromatherapy turns erotic massage into deep relaxation.

  • Full body erotic massage
  • Frank kisses
  • Tantra candle show
  • Spanish massage
  • Lingam massage
  • Passion shower with masseur

* Champagne as a gift

₴1500- 30 min

₴2500- 60 min

₴3500*- 90 min

₴4500*- 120 min

The passionate touch of an erotic candle - you will like it.

Tenga EGG relax

We will delight you with new erotic massage techniques.

  • Classic and body massage
  • Caressing the girl's body
  • Tantra stimulation
  • Relaxing with a Tenga Egg
  • Lingam massage
  • Sensual shower at the end

* Franc kisses

₴3000 -60 min

₴3500*- 60 min

Just one call, and the massage with relaxation is yours.

erotic massage in 4 hands

Your double physical pleasure and relaxation, from the skillful touches of professional massage therapists.

  • Two masseuse models
  • Professional massage in 4 hands
  • Tantra stimulation
  • Erotic show from two girls
  • Lingama massage
  • Shared shower with masseurs

* Intimate touches

* Intimate kisses

* Champagne as a gift

₴4000*- 60 min

₴6000*- 120 min

₴4500*- 60 min

₴7000**- 120 min

Erotic massage in Lviv is your step towards health and rest.

Erotic Fetish Fantasy

Author's relaxation technique, where the massage therapist uses his feet for deep pressure and manipulation of body muscles.

  • Full body massage
  • Lingam massage
  • Practice foot fetish and footjob
  • A shower of awakening

*We will discuss individual wishes in person

₴2500- 60 min

₴3000- 90 min

Let's make your fetish erotic fantasies come true!


Spend a romantic and relaxing time together, restore the body and strengthen the emotional connection.

  • Two professional massage therapists
  • Full body body massage for couples
  • Lingam massage
  • Yoni massage for ladies

₴4000- 60 min

Light a romantic fire and feel the warmth of our hands!

Vip "Erotic Night"


"Erotic Night" massage.

can be addictive.

  • Virtuoso erotic massage
  • Open kisses
  • Erotic tantra show
  • Lingama massage
  • Foot fetish and foot robot practice
  • Shower with a master

* Franc kisses

*Champagne and chocolate as a gift

₴10000- 6 год

₴12000*-6 год

₴15000-8 год

Take a break and enjoy the best erotic massage in Lviv


Don't feel bored and enjoy the skillful hands of a masseur model.

  • The master is a guy or a girl
  • Classic full body massage
  • Erotic body massage
  • Yoni massage
  • Tantric massage
  • Squirt

*We'll discuss frank kisses in person

₴2500- 60 min

₴4500- 120 min

Try a relaxing massage in combination with flirting

Bdsm massage

Great experience and wisdom, brilliant

scenarios, safe gaming BDSM.

Exclusive role play combined with massage.

  • Role games
  • Spanking, psycho domination
  • Bonding, wax/ice games
  • Prostate massage (with a toy)
  • Kisses bikini zone Mistress, ZD
  • Facesitting, foot/foot fetish.
  • Relaxing full body massage

*We will discuss individual wishes in person

₴3000- 60 min

₴4500-90 min

₴6000-120 min

Don't hold back, book the best erotic massage in Lviv.

other massage

List of additions to any erotic massage.

  • Departure to the guest:

60 хв - 3000 ₴, 120 хв - 5000

+ taxi costs (only hotels)

Additions to the massage program:

  • Prostate massage - 500 ₴
  • Kisses on the lips - 500 ₴
  • Loose hair - 300 ₴
  • Peep show: regular - 300

frank - 400 ₴

Plunge into a world of pleasure - order an erotic massage.

Gift Certificate

A gift that whispers:

"Let's make this moment a little bit more special."

Еротичний масаж львів ціни

Lviv, 5 Tadeusha Kostyushka St

Еротичний масаж львів ціни

+38 (050) 855 00 15

Еротичний масаж львів ціни

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