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Erotic massage lessons is a perfect way for Pleasure and Health.

At Lviv body massage Studio, located in the center of Lviv, we offer a wide variety of relaxation massages lessons.

Even when you think you’ve tried everything, our professional coach of massage will find a way to pleasantly surprise your body. Book an intimate massage lesson with one or two massage coach at a time. Enjoy your most relaxing erotic massage lesson in Lviv.

Massage Price

Choose whatever erotic massage lesson you’re feeling like getting today.

Body to body Massage

1,200 ₴ – 30 min till 21:00
2,000 ₴ – 60 min
3000  ₴ – 90 min
3,500 ₴ – 120 min

– Relax whole body massage;
– Not frank kisses and caresses:
– Erotic body to body show;
– Tantric massage, lingam massage;
– Shower with coach of the program.

A touch of a candle (with kuni)

2,500 ₴ – 60 min
3,500 ₴ – 90 min
4,500 ₴ – 120 min

– Relax whole body massage:
– Frank kisses;
– Erotic tantra show;
– Spanish massage;
– Lingam massage;
– Cocktail shower with a coach;
+ Battle of Champagne (90 min and 120 min)

Erotic Fetish Fantasy

2,000 ₴ -60 min
3000 ₴ – 90 min
– Relaxing full body massage;
– Lingam massage;
– Foot fetish and footjob practice;
– Shower with a coach;

Lingam massage in 4 hands

4000 ₴ – 60 min

6,000 ₴ – 120 min

(touching the coaches private area)

4,500 ₴ – 60 min

7,000 ₴ – 120 min

(open kisses of the intimate zone)

Two coaches of massage therapists;
Relaxing massage in 4 hands;
Tantra stimulation of erogenous zones;
Erotic show from two coaches;
Lingam massage;
“Cocktail” shower with a coaches;
+ Battle of Champagne (120 min).


60 min – 3000 ₴

90 min – 4000 ₴

120 min – 6000 ₴

BDSM SESSION: Spanking, psycho domination, bondage, wax/ice games, prostate massage (with a toy), kissing the girl’s bikini zone, HD, face-sitting, role-playing games, foot/boot fetish.

Additions or replacement + 500 UAH:

  • Foot job
  • Trampling
  • Bandage
  • Scrotal bandage
  • Mummification
  • Sensory deprivation
  • Bastinado
  • Urological massage
  • Fisting
  • Orgasm control
  • Ball-busting
  • Asphyxia
  • Honey theme
  • Feminization

Massage for couples

4,000 ₴ – 60 min

– Two professional massage therapists;
– Full body massage for a couple;
– Lingama massage;
– Yoni massage for Lady.


10,000 – 6 hours

13,000 – 8 hours

  • Virtuoso whole body massage;
  • Frank kisses;
  • Erotic tantra show;
  • Storm Lingam massage;
  • Foot fetish and footjob practice;
  • “Cocktail” shower with a coach;

+ Champagne and chocolate as a gift


3000 – 60 min

3500 – 60 min ( frank kisses)

  • Classic and body massage;
  • Сaressing the girl’s body (bikini area included – no penetration) ;
  • Storm Lingam massage;
  • Relaxation with TENGA EGG;
  • “Cocktail” shower with a coach;

+ Champagne and chocolate as a gift

Yoni massage for women

By a guy or girl coach
2,500 UAH – 60 min
4,500 UAH – 120 min

– Classic and erotic whole body massage;
– Tantric massage;
– Yoni massage;
– Squirt.

*Frank kisses are discussed individually.

Get more lviv erotic massage service

Out erotic massage 60 minutes from 2500 ₴ + taxi costs (Hotels only);

Relaxation with TENGA EGG

+ UAH 1000 for each program

Additionally, you can order to any massage program:

+ Prostate massage lviv500 ₴;
+ Kisses on the lips – 500 ₴;
+ Loose hair – 300 ₴;
+ Peep show: regular – 300 ₴;
frank – 400 ₴;

Erotic Massage lesson 🤍 Tantric Massage lesson

Couples Massage lesson  🤍 Massage Lviv lesson

Tenga Massage lesson 🤍 Body  Massage lesson

*We do not offer sex service.

The best body massage coaches in Lviv.

Ukrainian massage coaches with positive energy, 100% independent, genuine, intuitive, passionate in work.


COACH : Nika

Age / Height / Weight: 25 years / 165 cm / 50 kg

I am Nika, doing massage was my hobby for many years and now I am glad that erotic massage has become my profession. Erotic massage with me will make you feel better both physically and emotionally. Trust me, because I really know what is a happy ending massage. See you !

Book massage with Nika 

+38(050) 855-00-15

COACH : Mari

Age / Height / Weight: 22 years / 168 cm / 52 kg

Erotic massage Lviv by a beautiful massage coach – the best option for relaxation in Lviv! You don’t believe ? Come to me for a lviv body massage and I will prove it! I’m Mari, and I’m the best masseuse coach you can meet in Lviv. I have a lot of experience in this field and I never stop improving my skills. Men from all over the world come back to our studio to see me. Want to know why ?! …

Book massage with

Mari  +38(050) 855-00-15

COACH : Alisa

Age / Height / Weight: 20 years / 167 cm / 58 kg

Want to make this day special? Let me invite you to try erotic massage lesson in Lviv! I’m Alisa, and I guarantee you will enjoy the erotic massage with me. I have delicate hands and smooth skin. I am a master of stimulating erogenous zones and erotic pleasures. I still learn a lot about the art of massage. I will be glad to meet you!

Book massage with Alisa

  +38(050) 855-00-15

COACH : Julia

Age / Height / Weight: 24 years / 160 cm / 55 kg

Julia is a real professional body massage coach in Lviv. See how she playfully at the foto and what will happen in the erotic atmosphere of our studio? Book a massage lesson in Lviv with Julia if you want to feel really happy and relaxed.

Book massage with Julia

+38(050) 855-00-15

COACH: Katya

Age / Height / Weight: 23 years / 172 cm / 53 kg

Katya is the massage coach who will conquer any of you. This charming beauty knows how to perform a really good body massage, so the massage lesson with her will please even the most demanding of you. For Katya, the atmosphere during a massage lesson is important, so she turns the room into a place of bliss. For this purpose, she turns off the light, lights candles and turns on pleasant melodies. This atmosphere will make the body massage lesson even more unforgettable, and any of you will want to meet the beautiful Katya again.

Book massage with Katya 

+38(050) 855-00-15


Age / Height / Weight: 29 years / 168 cm / 47 kg

Sensual, gorgeous, and highly competent massage coach, she is a hugely-talented erotic massage therapist in Lviv. Just an angel with a naughty mind, she unmistakably understands your body. An epitome of flawless femininity, Kira is an accomplished masseuse coach practicing all popular body massage techniques in Lviv.

Book massage with Kira 

+38(050) 855-00-15


Age / Height / Weight: 26 years / 165 cm / 53 kg

How about 3-in-1? Beautiful, smart and skillful. And it’s all about massage coach Rita. She has a well skills in all types of body massage in Lviv. Her skillful hands know exactly how to do a best relax massage lesson for you. Maybe you want to know what is the sensory stimulation of all erogenous zones ? If You are going to Lviv or now in Lviv, I greet You. You have a chance to learn erogenous ecstasy in erotic massage studio MassagEros.

Book massage with Rita 

+38(050) 855-00-15

COACH : Lilit

Age / Height / Weight: 25 years / 160 cm / 55 kg

Lilit is a real professional body massage coach in Lviv. Book a massage lesson in Lviv with Lilit if you want to feel really happy and relaxed.

Book massage with Lilit

+38(050) 855-00-15

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